The Post Box

As times are changing and more couples are living together prior to getting married, they are moving away from the traditional wedding list and requesting vouchers or money that can be put towards something special e.g. that once in a life time honeymoon or larger items for the house.

Our original King George VI Post Box would be an exquisite piece to your gift table; it's a striking post box red with gold lettering, not forgetting that the centrepiece can be personalised to you on your big day, providing an obvious, attractive and secure location to store your cards throughout the day, leaving you without the worry of your cards and gifts getting lost.

The Post Box measures 61cm x 25cm x 33cm and a steel collection box. The Post Box is lockable and comes with a key.

A security deposit will be required to cover for loss or damage and will be refunded on safe return of the Post Box, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website.